• Date:June 2023
  • Author:Hong Le

EzyZip is an online platform that's as zippy as a rose in a high-speed blender (don't worry, no roses were harmed in the making of this metaphor)!

Blossoming Success with SEO

Working in close cooperation with the founder, I've helped EzyZip grow from a budding platform with 100,000 views per month to a blooming success with 2 million views per month! It's like watching a rose garden flourish under the care of a dedicated gardener. With my skills in design, development, and SEO, we've cultivated a thriving digital space that's as popular as a rose in a bouquet!.

Pruning the Hassle with No Uploads or Downloads

The best part about EzyZip? There's no need to upload or download files to a server. It's like having a self-watering rose bush, taking the hassle out of file compression and decompression. Plus, there are no file size limits, allowing you to create large compressed files.

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