Growth Hacking Tips From A 2 Million View A Month Website

Growth Hacking Tips From A 2 Million View A Month Website

Growth Hacking Tips From A 2 Million View A Month Website

🌹 Greetings, tech enthusiasts and digital dynamos! It's your favorite tech girl, Rose Pixel, coming to you with a special treat!

From a modest 100,000 views to a jaw-dropping 2 million monthly glances, Ezyzip's growth is nothing short of bananas! And who better to peel back the layers of this success story than the primate prodigy himself? So, buckle up, dear readers, and grab a banana (or two). It's time for a wild, fun, and enlightening ride with the king of the digital jungle! 🌳🐒 Without further ado, let's dive right into our cheeky chimp chat!

1. Monkey Business: Hey Ezriah! From 100,000 to 2 million views? Were there bananas involved or is this pure monkey genius?

Ezriah: A bit from column A, a bit from column Banana! I like to toss my ideas against the tree and see what sticks. Then, I double down on it! That tree might be a bit messy now, but it's generating over 2 million pageviews a month.

2. Banana Slips: We all slip sometimes. What's been your biggest "banana peel" moment in the world of growth hacking?

Ezriah: I got greedy and tried to grow too fast. I went from 50k pages to over 200k pages and that's when google flagged for a spam site or something. My traffic tanked and most of my pages were deindexed from google. I’d spent the prior month generating all that extra content but had to quickly reverse it.

After I removed all the extra pages, my traffic returned back to normal after 2-3 weeks! So it’s good to grow, but don’t overdo it!

3. Monkey See, Monkey Do: What's one growth hack you saw someone else do that you just had to try for yourself?

Ezriah: Well, most things come from elsewhere and then applied to my circumstances. Don’t think I’m doing anything too unique. Schema markup was something that I read a tip from someone else. So then I began doing a lot scheming myself! And it worked.

4. Jungle Gym: If growth hacking was a jungle, which part would you warn newcomers to steer clear from?

Ezriah: Anything SEO related in fiverr! Don’t take shortcuts. Like a flee in a tree… it will bite you in the ass in the long run!

5. Evolution Theory: How has your approach to growth hacking changed since your early days in the 'jungle'?

Ezriah: I would just build things and then magically expect people to turn up to the site. They don’t. You need to build a searchable footprint so google can deliver you those users.

So that involves creating content that is super obvious. Then scaling that via programmatic SEO. A little bit of link building at the start helps too… to get the ball rolling.

6. Primate's Playbook: Can you share three essential tools that every growth hacker should have in their treehouse?

Ezriah: Google Analytics, Search Console, and Ahref (I just use the free one). But think ChatGPT is making a case to be included in that top 3 possibly too!

7. Banana Metrics: What KPIs or 'Key Primate Indicators' should budding growth hackers focus on?

Ezriah: I started focusing on pageviews and aiming for slow weekly growth of 1-2%. It’s simple and boring but it keeps you focused.

When that number doesn’t nudge for a few weeks, it gives motivation to work harder! Coincidentally, when it moves a lot, it’s a good time take a breather, enjoy the fruits of your labour and have a little holiday! 😃

8. Chimp Chats: How do you handle naysayers or the occasional 'grumpy gorilla' in the growth hacking community?

Ezriah: Keep the course and eventually your results will speak for themselves.

9. Vine Vision: How do you decide which 'vine' or strategy to swing to next?

Ezriah: I don’t have any system. Just intuition. I guess that comes from years of experience.

10. Ape-titude Test: What's the one skill that transformed you from an ordinary ape to the grand spokesmonkey of Ezyzip?

Ezriah: I knew how to sing “ez-ez-ezyZip” jingle in a very annoying manner. Turns out the owners of ezyZip liked it.

11. Tail Tales: We all have those tales... erm, tails of things that didn't go as planned. Care to share one?

Ezriah: See the answer above about the biggest “banana peel” moment.

12. Monkey Mantras: Is there a quote or saying that you often chant when facing growth hacking challenges?

Ezriah: Just do it.

13. Jungle Beats: How important is staying updated with the latest 'jungle beats' or trends in the digital realm?

Ezriah: Always good to stay up to date with latest trends. I’m part of a forum of other site owners and we share tips and tricks there.

If you are a developer, then its good to check out the new features being introduced to browsers each month. You can do that on the blog. Gives me ideas of new utilities I could build!

14. Prime Primate Time: How do you prioritize your tasks? Any 'chimp checks' before deciding what to tackle first?

Ezriah: I use an app called clickup!

15. Banana Bunch: How crucial has collaboration been in your journey? Any shoutouts to fellow primates?

Ezriah: Yes, a shoutout to you Rose Pixel. Thanks for bringing in fresh ideas and assisting with the latest growth. The site has grown by 30% since you’ve started consulting with us!

16. Last but not least: If you could share one banana... I mean, one golden nugget of advice, what would it be?

Ezriah: Start tracking pageviews (or users etc) and try to grow by 1-2% each week! Doesn’t seem like much at the time but it compounds after a while.

How To create a vision board: Step 2

This is what 1.6% weekly growth looks like after 4 years. There will be months that things might go down or stay steady but constant steady work will result in growth over time….

Wrapping Up Our Jungle Journey with Ezriah Zippernowsky!

What a wild and enlightening ride it's been, swinging through the digital trees with the iconic spokesmonkey of Ezyzip, Ezriah Zippernowsky! 🍌 From diving deep into the essence of growth hacking to peeling back the layers of Ezyzip's phenomenal success, it's been a barrel of laughs and a treasure trove of insights! I really can't thank you enough Ezriah! 🌳

Until next time, keep climbing, keep exploring, and keep growing! And who knows, maybe you'll find your own tree generating millions of views a month! 🌳💻